Tupperware Cake Taker

Big Cake Tupperware.

Big Cake Redondo e Big Cake Retangular Tupperware Perfeitos para servir e transportar bolos. Torta fria. E o que mais a sua imaginação desejar?

Tupperware Round Cake Taker

Tupperware Round Cake Taker
  • Model: 801
  • Type: Kitchen
  • Condition: New
  • Price: $71.95

Tupperware collapsible cake taker+exp. Pie stackable.

Tupperware Collapsible Cake Taker.

Collapsible Cake Taker adalah wadah kue yang inovatif dan praktis untuk membawa kue berukuran kecil atau besar. Wadah ini bisa diatur tinggi atau.

Tupperware Collapsible Cake Taker.

Tupperware's collapsible cake taker is versatile and a stylish way to s up to any party? The lid will raise from 3 inches up to 5 1.

Tupperware Pie or Cake Carrier Taker.

Tupperware Pie or Cake Carrier Taker.

Cake Taker Demo&.

EUC Tupperware expandable cake taker with insert.

Rare and no longer available hot pink Tupperware expandable cake taker. With insertcake stand a few times and only selling as downsizing ahead of.

Tupperware -Expandable Cake Taker.

Take your cakes to a celebration in tip-top condition in a Tupperware Expandable Cake Taker? The Expandable Cake Taker features an ingenious cover that when twisted. Expands to almost double the size. When collapsed. Internal space height is 8cm.