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Carlisle 269FMT309 Food Service Display Tray, 9" x 26", Black (Pack of 12)

Carlisle 269FMT309 Food Service Display Tray, 9" x 26", Black (Pack of 12)
  • Model: 269FMT309
  • Type: Misc.
  • Condition: New
  • List Price: $371.20
  • Price: $199.38 ($16
  • You Saving: $171.82

Premier Choice 4 Tray Bakery Display Case with Doors Length: 24" X Width: 14 Inches"x Height: 24 Inches

Premier Choice 4 Tray Bakery Display Case with Doors Length: 24" X Width: 14 Inches"x Height: 24 Inches
  • Condition: New
  • Price: $343.00

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Brown Plastic Fast Food Tray.

Brown Plastic Fast Food Tray.

These plastic trays, food trays are an ideal combination of convenience and modern style. The durable plastic exterior is made to stand up after years of use. These food trays can normal and tear over long periods of time. Despite the longevity of these platters, the points are quite economical. These food trays are perfect for a variety of uses. Offsite catering, bakeries or buffet displays are all perfect places for this plastic unit. Use these food trays to serve all sorts of edibles. Both conventional and decadent goods are right at home on this platter. The crystal clear finish of the food trays s the food look more attractive. In a culture many people decide to eat based on appearance, having these units is imperative. These food trays, also kno as plastic trays are sturdy and reusable. The displays are easily cleaned and brought back out for another display. Featuring stacking lugs, these food trays can be easily stacked not-in-use. Save counter and sink space hand. Each tray also has an attractive textured bottom. This characteristics s it more difficult for the items to fall from a counter or tabletop. These food trays are definitely the best selection for restaurants, bakeries, hotels, cafes and delis. The dessert platters are also ideal for use the bakery display cases have for sale. Although I like the displays that these trays go the trays themselves break very easily. In the past year I've gone through about 25 trays. Take very good care of them by not putting heavy things on them or leaving them in the sink and they still break. :(.

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Acrylic Bakery Display Case.

This acrylic bakery display case features a black steel frame that offers a.

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Pastry Display Case.

Pastry display case has different levels inside so trays can.

Custom Design Rectangle Bakery Display Trays, Bar Serving Beverage Trays Home.

Melamine serving tray Top dishwasher safe Features the look of multicolored wood boards Feel confident entertaining indoors and out with super sturdy.

Acrylic Bakery Display.

Acrylic bakery display has.

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Secondhand Catering Equipment.

Secondhand Catering Equipment.

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SOLD PENDING PICK UP WENDSDAY 6TH Eurofours bakers oven 9 Alaminium baking trays and 1 bread stick tray not working needs new 3 phase plug and gl on inner door also has proover or stand if you want could be fixed with small effort Oven was running untill 3 phase plug was smashed 12 months ago Glas door on Prover could be to iner door on oven great buy for someone willing to put in some effort. You will need 2-3 strong blokes and at least a trailer to move as its quite larg. New gl sealed biscuit container; heavy duty muffin tray x 12 once only; 2 x Bakers secrets large cake loaf tins; new set of 5 cookie cutters heart shaped; 5 piece flower cookie cutter stainless steel; 8 piece shape cutter set in tin; new measuring spoons in heart shape; measuring cups; spatula; stainless steel sifter; new biscuit shaper; large tin biscuit container; new 1 litre measuring jug; Davis Waddell jelly moulds; cookbook stand; Antonio Carluccios Italian feast cook book; large f. Food Certified Commercial Food Preparation Kitchen setup at back of Café located in Mount Hawthorn includes: Moffat commercial electric Turbofan oven Induction cook top Commercial Dishwasher Vitamix Blender Allocation of space in Fridge zer Utensils, pots, pans Commercial baking trays/tins Silicone muffin trays Stainless steel work benches Large Food processor Vacuum sealer Would suit a baker making cookies/cakes, or prepping sandwiches/pies, or somebody with a food prep. X4 brand new never Baker's Secret Cookie Trays. These are too wide for my oven so I cannot use them Exterior Dimensions 30.80cm W X 48.5cm L X 2.4cm D Interior Dimensions 28cm W X 43cm L X 2.5 cm D RRP (see above)each Perfect for wide ovens Pickup only. Having a run on our Retro items,, Orange & Brown Retro Concertina Doors 'originals' from 1966 (a lot of other retro items as well). 6ft X 3ft (two side by side, with tracks, for doorway/entry area). Excellent condition all 1966 originals...

Bakery trays images.

Bakery trays images.

Images of bakery trays and bakery trays images.

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Confectionery Trays &, Bread Trays.

Confectionery trays and bread trays are ideal bakery solutions. They are made from industrial, food grade plastic and are extremely hygienic. We have several bread trays designed to carry either twelve or fifteen loafs of bread and our confectionery trays come in a range of colours and sizes. At Plastic Box Warehouse, we provide an array of confectionery and bread trays that are ideal to use in large-scale plant bakeries and food factories. These trays were originally intended to be as bakery solutions, but in recent years, they are now being in food manufacturing, retail and supermarket industries too. At Plastic Box Warehouse, our aim is to ist everyone who is in need of plastic box storage. We understand our clients are from various sectors and need storage box solutions as per their requirements. There are various kinds of box storages. To meet the requirements for our various clients we provide bread and bakery crates for small chains and we also serve commercial catering sectors with the food containers, also providing those kitchen storage solutions. Our interesting range consists from gastronome sized catering plastic containers and food storage bins to airtight food containers, and jam jars to trolleys for moving containers. Elasticity and Toughness: Polypropylene will act with elasticity over a certain range of deflection towards all materials. Sooner though it will also experience plastic deformation early on, in the deformation process, so it is generally considered a “tough” material. Toughness is an engineering term which is defined as a material’s ability to deform plasti y and not elasti y without breaking. Not only that but it also has different applications, which means it has started to challenge many of the old alternative materials, notably in the packaging, fibre, and injection moulding industries. Its growth has been sustained over the years and it remains a major player in the plastic industry worldwide.

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Acrylic bakery display case.

OEM plexigl transparent acrylic bakery case cake display stand with 2 or 3 removed trays. Can display at shop and so on.
Southern Hospitality has everything you need to start or replenish your bakery.

Southern Hospitality has everything you need to start or replenish your bakery.  Our large variety of bakery-ware include pastry brushes. cooling racks. rolling pins. piping bags and nozzles of various sizes and shapes. pans and trays. cake tins and flans. oven mitts and grabbers. measuring cups and scoops. moulds and cutters. spatulas. sers. spreaders and whisks.

Acrylic Bakery Displays Starting at.

Acrylic bakery displays have many options to choose from to the best impression on customers as they enter your basement. Displaying your baked goods using this variety of plastic display cases and cupcake stands help customers to better choose from your items. and you can place pastries that you want to promote specifi y right in front of patrons to help entice them. The bakery cases have different sizes and styles to choose from that allow you to pick the right one for your needs. There are two sizes of cases to choose from. with the corresponding trays that fit within each case. The trays are made from food grade polycarbonate to ensure a hygienic area is maintained. The cases themselves are made from clear acrylic. offering a full view of items placed inside whilst helping protect them during display. The inside of the countertop stands have different levels where you can put the trays depending on the height of the pastries. and you can angle the top tray to better s items. Most of the displays have double doors on the back for easy access for employees to restock and take out customer orders. Other trays have front doors as well. which s them perfect for use in self-service cafes! If you are looking for more stylish plastic pastry cases. check out those that feature a black aluminium frame around the acrylic case that will add a professional look to any location. In addition to the clear plastic pastry cases. we also have a wide selection of cupcake stands to choose from that can hold muffins and other pastries as well. These tiered display are also made of food grade acrylic that allow food items to be placed on them without contamination worries. Much like the pastry cases mentioned above. there are two styles to choose from so that you can utilise the tiered display that best fits your needs. There are both square and round versions of nearly all the displays with a 100mm gap between each level that easily fits standard sized muffins and cupcakes.